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The Soviet health care system according to Dr. N.A. Semashko, a graduate of the Medical faculty of Kazan University is one of the World best, being based on preventive medicine. A significant contribution to the development of medical sciences is made by the Kazan Medical School and its bright physicians. Academician A.D. Speransky occupies a special place. He creates a brilliant idea (1934): “We will have no the theory of medicine until the nature of all pathological processes without exception will be united by some common feature. We should add the method of combining diseases by similarity to the method of dividing diseases by difference. We have been coming towards the awareness of this Truth for a long 90 years, moving to a radically opposite direction - the creation of “Standards for the Treatment of Diseases”. This “Standards” led us to the growth of iatrogenies (“treatment diseases”), and also played a positive role, since they were able, to be evolutionarily transformed into "Standards of treatment of the Patient", basing of the Endotoxin theory of human physiology and pathology. The sources of the Endotoxin theory appeared to be: the brilliant prevision by Dr. Elya Elyich Mechnikov on the leading role of the intestinal factor in the mechanisms of aging and the theory of the general adaptation syndrome by Dr. Hans Selye. Their contributions made it possible firstly to assume and then postulate the participation of intestinal endotoxin (LPS) in the processes of adaptation, aging, and the development of a general adaptation syndrome, the key element of its pathogenesis being systemic inflammation. These events became possible also with the help of the methodological approaches created by Russian scientists. The evolution of a species implies the self-renewal of the population and the variability of genome. Both “beneficial mutations” and a source of genetic material (which is the microbiota) are necessary to implement this process. The unity of obligate factors of homeostasis and general pathology are also needed for that as well as. These factors a prioricannot be too many. It is also necessary that the mandatory life- supporting factors would be simultaneously destroying ones (via diseases and aging) to ensure the process of self-renewal of the population. These controversial factors represent microbiota and stress in human organism.

M. Iakovlev

The 13 symposiums of the Congress will be devoted to discussing the problems associated with ensuring the conditions for the “peaceful coexistence” of the microbiome and the human organism. It is important to find out the ways to prevent and eliminate the consequences of their antagonism, as the basis for increasing the effectiveness of the treatment and prophylactic process and prolonging life.

It is possible to get an imagination and an information on the scientific field of the Congress form the reference:

Sozinov A.S., Zhdanov R.I., Morozov S.G., and Iakovlev M.Y. Intestinal Microbiota as a Necessary Basis for Homeostasis, General Pathology, and Ageing, or Back to EliaMetchnikov // Open Access Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology. 2022. Vol. 7, № 3. P. 236-241.

and from the monograph (in Russian):



There will be a scientific competition for young scientists

The Ist Prize
100,000 rubles

The 2nd Prize
50,000 rubles

The 3d prize
30,000 rubles

Registration fee for a participation in the Congress

Normal – 3000 rubles

incl. electronic and paper versions of the materials, the square for the stand talk and coffee breaks.

For young scientists – 1000 rubles

incl. electronic versions of the materials, the square for the stand talk and coffee breaks.

Registration fee for a participation of pharmacological companies and producers of medical products (up to 9 square meters, m²) is starting from 60,000 Rubles.

The cultural program of the Congress includes a tour of the Elabuga Reserve (including lunch), participation in the evening dinner at the opening of the Congress and a tour of the City-of-Naberezhnye Chelny, the total cost of the Program being 10,000 rubles

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